not ccafe racer related but check out one of my new rides!

I was looking into getting one of those but the suspension was a little soft for me. Have a hard time finding parking at work and anything small like that can be locked up at the bike racks.
did you look into anything else before you bought it or is it honda all the way?
my uncle has two of those and they were fun as hell riding around on old logging/fire roads last summer while camping. I actually jumped it a couple feet. :D :D :D
I just picked one up for $300 that's got a dead motor. I've got this funky Lifan 138cc motor that I'm thinking really seriously about sticking in it.

the fab work won't be too bad really and since the frame layout is so busy under the seat anyway, it *should* blend in ok. The head and cylinder will protrude into the footwell a good bit, but since I'm doing the fabrication and welding myself I'll add foot pegs in the appropriate locations.

Battle Scooter!
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