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Hi Folks,

Like a lot of newbies here, I rode years ago but got away from it, but always kept the interest. Last summer (2019) I bought a 1982 Suzuki gs650e from my brother who had started to restore it but ran out of time/energy etc. I started to clean it up a bit over winter, but mostly is sat behind my shed waiting for warmer weather. In the spring I had aims to start riding again around Easter, but the world shut down and things came to a screeching halt (licensing, riding course, etc.); now I had lots of time to work on the bike but no way to ride it, so I dug in deeper beyond putting lipstick on a pig and started replacing pieces etc.

The GS still needs some love, but at least it's back to blowing smoke after more than a few years of living under a tarp.

Welcome! Make sure you start a project thread to share your progress. It's a great way to keep yourself motivated and remember what you've done.
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