NYC Winter DTT Meet!

When is this meet happening?
I've seen a red cafe racer in the city a few times any of you own a red honda?
did this meet up happen or get canned? are we giving up on it?

man are we organized.
whos going to be at the NYC javits show?
Ill be in the NYCVinMoto and VJMC booth all weekend with my 450

not 100% sure where the booth is at the show but ill be in the VJMC and VinMoto booth
those two clubs split a booth
some VERY interesting bikes will be on display
Just loggin in to post this one comment..

roughly 25-30 CT ROCKERS will be at the NY show this saturday... so I hope to see some of you NY boys there..

about 7 are going on sunday as well...

Just keep an eye out for us and say hi if you see us.. I promise you wont miss us..

Machina??? Or something..
9th st and 3rd in BK is nice
I'll get the actuall info if you need. If not come to the show. The owner of that show is there with a bike on display as well as a few other members

We are the NYCVinmoto and VJMC booth in the javits
I managed to find a share in a super old school local garage complex. Very cheap, and I have a workbench setup. Unfortunately there's a longgggg waiting list. Alot of real estate agents have unadvertised shares in garages with cars. If you're just looking for storage I suggest walking in and asking a few. I also saw a craigslist add for a spot in Ridgewood for 60 a month too.
surffly said:
How cheap are you looking?
I've never heard of anything less the $100ish
I am looking to spend about 100 for a space, preferably somewhere where there is other guys working on bikes and tools.
Basic storage with no access starts around 75 at motogrrl, and theyll tow you. I'm thinking about getting a larger space. If you can round up 2 or 3 more guys I am certain from what I have seen we could pool for about 1000 sq ft for about 200 each. I currently pay 75 for 10x20 SHARED but that's pretty much unheard of. The state of bike storage in this city in stupid.
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