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How's it going DTT members, my name is Pritch. I recently stopped by a local shop in Oxford and the owner and I were talking about how the local seen wasn't really there. I mean you see a few Cafes or projects cruise by but I have never seen a pack cruise by. Rockets and Harleys, you see them every where in packs and gatherings and yes I know about Ypsi, but let's get something local going. You live in the area and lookin to meet up with some fellow riders? Raise your hand and say a thing or 2. If you look on Facebook on Timeless Powersports page OR Michigan Cafe Racer page or go to www.michigancaferacer.com you'll find info on meet ups and such. I know there's Ton up lovers in Oakland County.
My bikes not really a cafe, but I'd be down for some good riding. I live in Lake Orion. I'll check out the site.

I live just south of that shop, didn't realize it was there. He needs to link to DTT though. :)
I'm in Troy/Royal Oak and i would defiantly like to ride with others. However being away at college takes away from riding time. Also I am thinking about selling my 1972 Honda CL350.... Having two motorcycles on a college budget isn't really possible. :'(
Well good to know. I know there's more out there guys so be sure to spread the word. To be honest anyone who shows up on 2 wheels is good in my book and will not be turned away. I've had a few ask if they have to be on a Cafe and the answer is no. If you are, then double cool, if not, well think about gettin one. Lol! Bikes and good times is what it's about. As the warmer weather draws near, I'm sure more will find their way here. In the mean time keep wrenchin and bull shiting. :)
For those who don't care for facebook can shoot me a PM or you can just straight E-mail me at blackheartmichael@yahoo.com. Some call me Pritch, my full name is Michael S. Pritchard. I can also be found of FB. Lets do this. Come on Spring!!!!!!!
We're in the final month and hopefully spring will be right around the corner. There has been some talk at the shop about having a meeting on one of the coming Saturdays to talk ideas and bikes. I will post the date and place when we decide on it. Stay tuned.....
I'm not far from northern Oakland and would be down to meet and ride. Bike will be getting ready for the month or so though
Im in the same boat. Waiting for it to get warm enough to work in my garage.
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