Odd running problem. GSXR1100 Bimota SB6R


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So some background.
Bike is a Bimota SB6R that hasn't run in years. Was stored in a living room.

New plugs
New oil
New fuel filter
New air filter
Cleaned the carbs and replaced all the seals. There were stored dry, so nothing crazy to clean.
Slides move freely.

Bike starts right up.
Idles smoothly, and the throttle responds well.
Around town she is near perfect.
Issue is when you try and pull onto the highway.

At about 4-5k rpm it hits a wall and hesitates.
In the garage she revs to redline.

I've checked for kinked fuel hoes.
There is a pulse type vacuum fuel pump. It works, but the bimota guys say to bypass it anyway and gravity feed. Still no luck.

Can't see evidence of a cracked coil.

Carbs and engine are Suzuki.


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Does the ignition plate advance? Is the timing chain tensioner working? Is there a vent in the fuel cap? Is it plugged? did you put new spark plugs in it? It does sound like fuel starvation or air starvation. Is the air filter new? I am not familiar with that specific bike, just going through things I would typically check.

The load and no load is common indicator of fuel or air starvation. A bike revved in the garage, even up to high rpm's does not need a lot of fuel or air. Its when its under load while riding that you need full fuel and air.

My two cents.


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I have not dug into the ignition or timing.
Has strong spark.
Vent was checked and cleaned. Also tried to ride the bike with the cap opened, and it didn't effect anything.
New NGK plugs
New air filter.


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I had a similar issue and tracked it down to the wrong size float valves, but it also could just be a float height thing.

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