Official "Show off your helmet" thread


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Brandon12V said:
Looks like a paintball mask.
Yeah I section them down and either integrate snaps or rivets along with Biltwell helmet liners in repainted vintage lids.

This untouched vintage LSi is for sale if you are interested, PM me...


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silverstonepgt said:
Haven't got it all reassembled yet, but I took this Biltwell helmet of mine:

And my brother took it in to work and painted it thermochromic black on top of Jeep rescue green along with my tank and headlight housing. Now it is gloss black until 85 degrees, where it turns green. I put it next to the fireplace to demonstrate the change:

that tank is bad........ass........


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Tetter said:
AGV Vintage ( 80's ) Fullface...... with aviator goggles 8)

Wait, so.. why the goggs if you have a shield? What is your field of vision like?


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I just picked up a Gringo, myself. It feels great, but I haven't had a chance to really test it out yet with my damn bike troubles.


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New helmet arrived yesterday - Scorpion EXO-500. This is replacing my six year old EXO-400 which has served me quite well.



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the 2 i usually use

The one with the stickers is my long travel helmet. has a visor, and i put a sticker on it from every major landmark/park i go to when im there. The blue one is about 40 years old, came with a pair of bmw r90 and r100. I use that one for shorter trips, and in town.



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heres a helmet i painted.. ts a old kenny roberst 1977 AVG.. now its a mooneyes.

painted using MONTANA rattle cans... and a lot of prep, sanding and time.

well pleased with it...

below that is another AVG that I relined, then painted nice shiny black..



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Glad to see folks are wearing their skid lids! After a bad spill, I had three different trauma surgeons tell me that if I was not wearing mine, I probably would not have survived the crash. I was unconscious for about 12 hours but will trade that for the "alternative" any day. In my state, they are not required but I am living proof that they do save lives. Next time you're thinking about hopping on your ride, please take the time to strap it on.



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Hmm milky seeing how that thing is relined I might try mine aswell might be less save but atleast it will be wearable.. (yes saying this is so stupid haha)


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maxDTM said:
I just picked up a Gringo, myself. It feels great, but I haven't had a chance to really test it out yet with my damn bike troubles.
I gotta ask... you don't ride with your helmet sitting up that far do you? it needs to come down a fair bit. should be sitting right above your eyebrows

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