Holy crap I forgot about this thread. lol

So where is everyone located around? I'm out of the Ardmore area (hour south of okc)
I know this is kind of old but whatever. I havent been on the board in awhile, I was deployed. I just left active Army life after 9 yrs. Well now im back in OK, I live in Moore and Im a Mechanical Engineer at OU. My cafe is a 75 CL360 Scrambler.
Welcome back flip, feels good to get out and be on your own doesn't it? ;)
Just rolled through there yesterday.Come out to the PMRA bike drags @ Thunder Valley sometime.
They start about 1:30 and run until about 11:00pm this Saturday. I will be a rare no show as this is my daughters graduation.Great action and friendly fun people.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Hey guys, so how many of us are there. I know of myself here in OKC and my buddy in Norman. We are both building our cafes right now. We should definitely have a meet though. I would like to see a local cafe community come up, maybe do a mods and rockers thing downtown.
Another Okie here,
Just joined DTT site. I'm in Midwest City.

Flip, I was looking at your endless projects list. I just bought a 1975 CL360 and have a 1968 F100 and 63 Fairlane that are perpetual projects of mine.
thats pretty funny, though I should update it now...gave the galaxie to my dad, sold the mustang and bought a 70 Mustang Fastback.
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