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I had a horrible experience with THEM! I ordered 4 Chrome air filters on July 5th, 2009 and they never arrived! We gave them 3 weeks then called, which took me six times to actually get a person! The guy said "We get a shipment in Friday and we will ship them Tuesday". I said "ok" well two weeks pass and still no filters!!! I called them today to find out that the filters had not been ordered and they had to put them on backorder! well 5week have passed and the guy told me it would be another 7-10 days before they got the filters which meant another week or two for me to get them! Well i demanded a refund and cancelled the order.

So overall OLD BIKE BARN is a "FLY BY NIGHT OPERATION" Horrible service and even worse reliabiltiy. :mad:
I ordered an Airtech fiberglass seat from OBB on February 10, '09. I should have ordered direct from airtech, but wanted to use PayPal. I received the seat on July 31st. I sent them numerous e-mails, tried to call a few times and couldn't get anyone to answer the phone. After finally giving them an ultimatum, send a seat, or refund my money, I got the part. I will NEVER deal with them again.
I have yet to read any good reviews or feedback abour OBB. Ive never ordered from there because I read on the SOHC4 site about them!
I've been having problems with them as well. They're happy to take your money right away, but have no desire to actually send you the parts. This is actually my second order with them, as my first went very well ( ??? not sure how that happened either).
I'm currently having issues with them, ordered a part 2 months ago and they took my money, no part, and no way to contact them reliably. I have complaints in with the BBB, FTC, and my bank...

We'll see...
Old Bike Barn Blows...not the good way.

Old Bike Barn Blows...not the good way.
I had trouble also.
I had issues too_Ordered a Dynoflo Jet kit for my NH750. Said it was in stock on the site. My Credit Card is charged and I think, great, it shipped. Check site, still back ordered. Send them a note, they say it will come in ion 2 weeks. Repeat the note, say 2 weeks, one more time...Argghh...I get it, it isn't coming in.

I will give them one small credit. I asked for a refund (took a long time to get through there phone system, they only answer it for 15 minutes a day I think) and since I was lucky and had a real person on the other end, they credited my card.

I looked later, they still showed the item in stock...it isn't.

Most reputable places do not charge your card until the item is shipped.

Needless to say, I haven't used them since (about a year now) and don't think I ever will in the future.
I had some issues with OBB as well. Ordered some Avon tires, and it said they were in stock. Next thing you know, about a week later, I was issued a credit back to my card with no call or e-mail from them at all. I contacted customer service and asked what was up. The response was that the tires were on backorder.

So I asked why I wasn't notified and why the tires weren't simply left on backorder instead of crediting my account back. I was willing to wait and leave them on backorder. Most companies do this. The guy told me that if I really wanted to keep them on backorder, that I should re-order and they will keep on backorder. So, I went back to their website and when I put them in my shopping cart- the price was now $80 more for the two tires. i contacted them again to inquire as to why the price was so much higher. They said that tire prices are going up and it was out of their control. I pinched a fit because if they had simply left the tires remain on backorder, I would have been paying $80 less. After arguing for a while, the guy agreed to drop the price but i would have to pay shipping, which, coincidently, was $80. The original order had free shipping. Either way, they were going to get $80 more for those tires. What a total scam. I was pissed and cancelled the order alltogether and will never, ever order from them again.
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