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I never did have the good fortune to meet Rick Andrews (though I did read his tech column in Cycle Canada), but I met Steve Wilcox (aka Shox Johnson) when he used to perform with the Jive Bombers at the Chick'n'Deli on Mt. Pleasant. Steve was a mechanic there at one point, and Ontario Honda used to work on my 900f when I had it. So this is a small, yet nice remembrance of those good times.
Vince Lupo said:
this is a small, yet nice remembrance of those good times.

Yup, very nice. :)

I went in to Action Kawasaki in the spring of '78 and discovered that Lang Hindle was now the Service Manager. He had recently returned to Canada from a racing career in the States. I had been reading all about him in the mags of the day and was stunned, but very pleased, to see him there. I bought a set of carbs off him that I still have. It would be a heck of a lot easier to have a key fob!! ;) ;D
Did you ever have any dealings with Rick Sutcliffe / Raceline Cycle in Scarborough, or Light Brigade up in Newmarket?
i bought the first goldwing delivered in canada from ontario honda

ian delivered it to my house so he could ride it
I used to drop by occasionally when I first started riding in 1994. Who remembers Competition Cycles on Warden south of 401?
I had known Competition Wheels/Cycle Craft for some time, having them work on my KZ.
They were on Markham Rd. near Finch for a while before Warden, and even Midwest (?) off Midland before that.
They rebuilt the engine in my KZ650 I still ride today.
I always had good luck dealing the dealers in the east end. Ontario Honda welded the mount on some old aluminum cases for me for me when i was like 17 and did great job. I remember taking the bus from Midland and Eglinton to Competition up at Markham and Finch to get some parts and it felt like the whole day to get there and back because it wasn't as developed in that area back then so you felt like you were leaving the city and in the country. I think he sold me a box of 6v headlight bulbs for the price of one bulb cuz he didn't want them to sit around. Snow City back then was always good and helpful. I think the only one that was hard to deal with was Cycle World. I always had obscure shit that i was modding jap bike parts to fit to just keep me running or to give me more performance and they were the typical big dealer "what year, make and model?" and i'd be like "look, i just want a mikuni 250 main jet, hex" where the smaller dealers like Ontario Honda and such were guys like me who could think outside the box and would be "what do you have and what are you trying to do?"
Interesting Key Fob.

I see Murry Brown on a regular basis.
Murry was the owner of Ontario Honda and he raced side cars back in the day with Mike Crompton.

Here is an interesting blog you may like to see.
It's about a build project; a recreation of the bike called Speed Pony (its original name). a mono shock 550. The original frame built by Denis Curtis.
It's too bad that the pictures don't show up in the blog. It's an old article.

You guys should see lots of names of people in here that you will remember.
Robbie Meiklejohn, Gordon Meiklejohn, Kemp, Mike Crompton, Rick Andrews , Wayne McLelland Etc.

(Nice to see Drewski, 78Kz and Reds at the show last weekend. Had a great time)

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