orlando fla. cafe-moto,dcc,ace cafe dec 7th live pod cast

roy rodriguez

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follow the fun on https:www.youtube.com/caferacerpodcast sat dec 7th 1-9pm 4 live bands , fun in the sun ....better then football ..temp is 84 days 60's nights ..Orlando fla.
Is this going to be an annual event? I would love to make it out next year. I subbed so I can watch the video.
yes , and maybe at ace café London/USA if opening in Orlando 2014 ...they say 2 months till the big announcement of when and where , interview was on the pod-cast with usa rep . you still can watch it ...as we had full street parking by 12.30 am and were cramming them every where we could ...pic on www.meetup/cafemoto ..so next year might be the grand opening event as the talked about site is way big out side parking ...will see ...
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