Overcoming Modern fork swap issues!


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I know that if I had a larger lathe capable of doing metric threads I could probably make a small fortune (eventually ;D ) As it is, small lathe I have doesn't have capability or power to do much threading at all (at least not sizes and materials I want to do)


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I used to have access to a fully equipped tool shop but that was years ago and now I'd be a danger to myself. Fortunately I have a great machinist not too far from here and as long as I can sketch the part he can usually machine it. His shop has multiple lathes and mills and he really is an expert. Myself: not so much. :)


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teazer said:
I have a set here and sometime soon I should put them back on ebay. Too many forks, not enough projects to put them on.
Don't know if your aware of it but 2001 (I think, they were still 'right way up) GSX-R cartridges will fit inside the Katana forks.


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AFAIK, they looked conventional but had cartridges (maybe little later?) Suzuki used cartridge forks on RM's from around 1994, GSX-R had to wait a few years to get them

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crazypj said:
I picked up several sets of GSX-F (Katana) 41mm.forks 16 or so years ago when no one wanted them so VERY cheap. They were cheap at the time as you could get BSX-R cartridge forks for around, $150. Suzuki had zero finance, etc (way too many crashed with less than 100miles One had about 5 ft, never made it off lot) Katana are conventional spring and damper but stiffer by far than the originals (and lighter) Put two sets on XS 650's and a set on CB360. Dead easy as they have steel bottom yoke (same as Honda) so swapping stems is simple

So cut off the 360 stem and weld to the lower tree of the katana? How do you fix the upper tree? This in one of your build pozts? I've found two places where you mentioned doing this.

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