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@DesmoDog My Brother just picked up this '99 996s and we're having a little trouble finding info on it. The PO said it's a Fogarty edition, and included a complete (unopened) graphics package with the sale. We found it odd that it doesn't say "S" on the fairings, but it does have a plate on the upper triple that states "996s #205".
We have no delusion that this is some sort of Holy Grail, but rather just trying to be accurate with the information. What does the Fogarty edition entail? (I can find no real info on this at all) Does the #205 on the triple refer to the Edition, or the production run as a whole? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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I'm not familiar with that particular model specfically but in general the tags signify an edition and nothing more. IIRC they don't even go consecutively, as in #100 may not have been built right after #99 or before #101. But I don't think that's a Foggy Edition anything. Check out this thread:

As stated in that thread you can contact Ducati and they can tell you what you have. This is from that thread:
Ok, just received a phone call from Paula at Ducati Customer Services in Italy... The only Foggy Replica Ducati ever built was the 1998, 916SPS Carl Fogarty Replica, of which 202 were made. No other model bore the Fogarty moniker.

That bike had a 996cc engine so it gets confusing, and I'd even let it go if someone said they had tag # 205 when only 202 were built because, well, Ducati, and bikes have been registered under the wrong model year before, but I've never heard of Ducati including uninstalled graphics packages for bikes. In fact I'm pretty sure the graphics are under a clear coat. They were on my 2000 Monoposto. Also, that model was built for the UK so it would have had to have been imported. Bikes need to be 25 years old to import easily, so that would have had to been brought in and titled under something other than normal channels.

The only true Fogarty Edition I saw clearly stated what it was on the tag and the tail section. I'm guessing that bike is a custom someone planned on turning into their own personal Foggy edition. But again I'm nowhere near an expert on them.
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Thanks Dude. I was able to determine that the 916 was the only Fogarty Edition sent to the states after posting here. No worries though, it was purchased as a clean '99 996s without any "special" considerations. The PO only mentioned it when he handed over the graphics (which I now want to open :p). He is going to contact Ducati as well.
Thanks again ;)
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