Painted a tank for the first time.


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Finally got around to painting the tank for my ducati monster so I can put it for sale. I had the typical tank dents from the old handlebars before I got clip ons.

I brought the tank to the body shop on the corner from me and I had them pull out the dents with the stud gun. The guy did it for free and put some filler on it too Thumbsup!. After a bunch of sanding, a little glazing putty, I got the tank pretty smooth.

Ready for some 2k high build primer




Primer on and all sanded down[img]

The first time I painted the tank I didn't have the gun adjusted correctly. I
went against my initial settings which I got from a great post by Kong ( and adjusted it with the trigger almost all the way in which a bunch of people said to do in a few websites and youtube videos I watched recently. I was wrong and it immediately started dripping from too much paint. :'(

I had to sand it down again and tried a second time. This time I had the gun set up pretty good but failed again because I had it too close to the tank on some spots so it started to run :mad:. I didn't want to waste another day on this and mix more paint and clean the gun again. I wiped the while tank down with MEK and took off the paint I just sprayed on, washed it down, wet sanded, Dried, etc.

So here it is finally done. Third times a charm. ;D



The tank came out pretty good and smooth. I haven't seen it in bright sunlight but with a flashlight and my shop light it looks good enough for me. The waves and lines are you see is due to the plastic tarp I have hanging up it the light going through and the reflection of it in the tank
I used a single stage flat metallic paint. I found out after I purchased it that that's one of the hardest paints to do good because you can't cut and buff the orange peel off. The metallic particles will end up getting ruined and the tank will have stripes in it. Somehow I always end up learning how to do something the hardest way possible.

The orange peel on the tank is not bad for a first timer. That is why I had runs and drips the first two time because I was afraid of getting too much peel but I decided I would rather have a little more orange peel in the paint than runs and drips.

I brought the tank in the sunlight at it looks great I am really happy with it. I used the HF paint gun kit that's $49 and paint was Hot Rod Flatz from TCP global paint.
I know very little about paint, but i think it looks very good.

kudos for trying something that is very difficult for rookies
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