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So a buddy of mine who works at a CNC shop showed me a little trick for painting engravings on metal surfaces.

All you need is a sharpie, an air compression (I'm sure keyboard duster would work just as well) tape, and sand paper/steel wool

Basically mask off around what you want to fill. Take your sharpie and hold it a few inches from the engraving you wish to pain. Take your air compressor and literally just hit the sharpie with a few short blasts of air. It will throw the ink into the engraving. Pour a little cold water onto whatever you just sprayed (to set the ink) Sand off the over spray and your left with perfect lines inside the low areas.

I did my ignition switch, VIN # plate, and case with this and it is a HUGE time saver. It literally took 15 min to touch up these three pieces (dry time included) just wanted to share this technique

(That's not over spray on the H, its a little scratch)


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That's funny, my daughter brings her markers out to the garage and does exactly that; sprays the tips with the air gun and lays down stencils to make crazy designs.

Keep in mind that though a Sharpie may be "permanent" but, it will fade pretty quickly in a location like that. Another good option may be paint markers, some hobby stores sell them in enamel paint.
My buddy told me about this and wanted to try it out. testors make some good enamel paint markers, when this fades I'll try it with those. But since it is resessed it shouldn't wear/fade too quickly.
I used a paint marker.
remember - this part gets pretty hot and that will effect how well the marker ink or paint will last.
As will the surface. Mine was polished, but it still held up.

I sharpied my helmet. Even with clear coat sprayed the marker faded in a few months.

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did this with a sharpie and cleared over with Max2K a couple years ago, works well


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I wish I had artistry skills like some of you guys!... Sadly my sharpie work would look like a nine year old got into the crayon box.
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