"Panhead" For Sale Or Trade For Pre EFI Sportster or other Bike


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I have a "Panhead" bike for sale.
The bike is registered as a 1986 rebuilt Harley
The frame is a 1958 ? (Hard to tell) Harley Davidson Panhead swing arm with star hubs servicar speedo dash newer tanks shovelhead fenders etc while the engine is STD cased with S+S rods and STD dual plug heads and s+s oil pump
The bike ran great 3 years ago, although now the engine top half was disassembled for an inspection, and I never got it done But from what I can see it will be pretty basic. Pistons rings rebore lap valves. That should be about it. But maybe the bottom end as the front rod has more play than the back one. Someone told me that S and S used aluminum cages around the time this engine was assembled and that this amount of play is ok for these cages. Don't know.
The pan has a new S+S Super E carb new BDL belt drive and a Brand new Rev Tech 4 speed ratchet top tranny the bike also has a brand new Cycle Electric generator, and mechanical voltage regulator
The bike is currently disassembled but have absolutely everything minus rear drive chain and some bolts. Rather not part bike out.

I have just lost interest in this bike, but want to ride again soon. If it doesn't sell or trade then I guess I will get the engine rebuilt when money permits.

A discussion about bike here:

Looking to trade for the right pre- EFI solid mount Sportster Or other running bike Low KM wanted I am in St.catharines Ontario Canada

Thanks Dave
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