PART OUT.......1971 cb450 bobber.


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change of garage space has been revoked so i need this stuff gone, im not trying to get rich i just want to get fair value and not have to pay shipping charges. let me know your needs and i will give a price and well negotiate from there. anything you need i have including a swingarm for a cb450 which is stretched 6" and a standard length swinger as well.

I AM INTERESTED IN TRADES AS WELL. i have a cb550f and i need rear-sets, clip ons, chain and sprockets, and stacks or filters...whatever you have im open to though just throw it out there.

i am willing to break apart the engine to accomodate for anyones needs JUST NEED THIS STUFF GONE, the 550f is my primary intrest at the moment anyways.


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Ill take the gas tank latch and cap if it is good possibly other parts as well. Sent PM.

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