Parting out Honda CB360T


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If anyone needs some parts, few free to reach out! I’m open to offers on whatever you may want, and I’ll try and use the least expensive shipping available. Pick-up is also an option if you are in the MN area.

For sale are the following:
1. 1975 CB360T frame which I have a bill of sale for. The bottom of the frame does have a hole, which can be seen in some images I posted previously on my cafe build post.

2. Two original rims. A bit chewed on the edges when the previous owner tried to remove the tire themselves, unsure if useable, honestly.

3. One new tire with rear rim and hub

4. One powder coated rim. Tire and hub not included

5. Two rear fenders
6. Two sets of carbs - both rebuilt and cleaned by previous owners - actual condition unknown
7. Two headlights - one with a bucket and one without
9. One set of original air filters
10. Two sets of original blinkers
11. One original frame/seat hoop
12. One set of shocks - one side had a broken bolt in it
13. Two sets of exhausts - both crusty
14. One tank - previous owner removed bing hole to move to another spot and didn’t finish
15. Side covers, two orange and one red
16. Two original rear break lights
17. Two battery boxes
18. One swing arm - could be purchased with frame or separate

If you want up-close pictures of anything, let me know and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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irk miller

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If you haven't already, there's a Facebook group to post to, as well.


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Thanks! I've posted the for sale items in a a group on Facebook titled "Honda CL CB3960 Twin Owners." Is there another group you are referring to?

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