petcock help....maybe?


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Just got my new petcock and and I'm installing it. PO had the carbs ran from the fuel tanks leveling vents on the bottom directly into the carbs. It worked, but not pretty. Ordered an NOS petcock from fleabay and I'm installing it. Seems a bit....big? No matter the orientation I either can't turn the valve or one of the fuel lines is touching part of the carb (the throttle). I tested the throttle pull and it moves the full distance, but before I finalized this I wanted to ask the experts.

Here's some pics as it is currently.



Any help is appreciated.

Sorry, crappy iphone photos in the interest of speed. You can see them bigger on my flickr photostream,

They're the first two images in the stream.

EDITED to show pictures......stupid flickr
That looks like a CB450 petcock. I don't own a 350 so I'm no expert. Doesn't seem like the right one.
I thought that looked like the 450 petcock, but I just checked a fiche site and did just a quick search and it called for the same part number for 350 and 450 petcock.

Are the fuel lines run properly?

I can't tell for sure but the lines look like they are run different on this photo.


Don't know if that even helps at all but it's all I could think of.

EDIT (so I don't double post)

found another close-up picture, maybe it will help some, looks routed totally different than the other image, looks very close to the throttle but seems to work though:


but also I have to say, I don't have a 350, I want one but everyone seems to want a small fortune for a parts/project 350 that hasn't run in years. So someone else may actually be of more help.
The old and new one seem to be the same size. I need to double check configuration.

Poly fuel lines should be pretty resistant to heat. It shouldn't be a problem if it rests lightly on those fins. Mine isnt at least.
I have it clear of the fins, and it doesn't block throttle movement. I'm calling it good until the test drive.

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