Picked up another triple and found this site


Do not know how i never found this place before, Anyway just picked up my 4th Yamaha triple this one is a 1979 xs 750 the other 3 were 850`s so a bit different. I have been lurking around this site a bit, decided i like it here so i joined. I`m from Oregon.

irk miller

You've been mostly-dead all day.
Glad you found us. I hope to be in possession of a 750 triple in the next couple of weeks. Pretty excited for that bike.


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welcome and there are at least 3-4 750 850 triple builds here I have followed so you shoukd get some help and feedback


Welcome from Washington. Never worked on a triple...need to look into that problem lol.
Lots of help here from a lot of talented knowledgeable folks.


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Welcome from western NY. I was gifted a XS750 by a moving co worker. 3 into 1 sound is very distinct. You will find a lot of like minded folks on here. My triple is behind the 550 in my mess of garage.


What a warm welcome from all, I did notice a bunch of kind people when i was lurking about, the bike in my sig is the latest of my projects , But they change quick this bike no longer looks much like the image to the left. This is how it looked when i brought her home and had not srarted in at least 11 years. i kinda was stuck with the airbox missing, and so i dumped the pods for a minute im trying some velocity stacks and impressed with early results. One thing with them your air passage needs to be smooth and soft without flat hard edges. A lot of trial and error a good subject mater too, for options without pods. I am a fan of pods B.T.W. . Some times other options are desired. Sorry i get off on mini rants sometimes, But I do love these bikes i have had 2 different 850`s



Glad you found us. I hope to be in possession of a 750 triple in the next couple of weeks. Pretty excited for that bike.
i do not blame you to be excited about getting another bike I might be a little jealous thats about the truth, good luck digging in to the project it always good even if its bad condition you always are a little surprised at what you will find, Have Fun.

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