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1967 Norton N15CS "Hybrid" (AMC chassis, Norton engine, were also badged Matchless and AJS). This one got modified Norton P11 pipes, shouldered alloy wheels, and custom made alloy engine mounting plates.



Although I never personally did the ton on it, the owner sure did!
1972 Norton Combat 750 Commando, starting with a bunch of leftover Norton parts and a reasonably complete engine...


I thought about making it a dual-sport-


Then I found a great deal on a very nice set of Production Racer bodywork-


And only 145 hours and many thousands of dollars later-


"Yellow Peril" at over the ton!
1966 Triton scratch build

I always wanted to build my own Triton, and finally lucked into a good Norton 650SS Slimline Featherbed frame when my friend ended up with an extra. I had all kinds of weird parts on the shelves, so I mocked up a starting point...


Over time, I gathered some nicer stuff for it, then started the engine overhaul with the lump I got in a 4-engine lot purchase several years earlier.

Then sadly, upon the passing of my late friend and roadracing mentor, Malcolm "BritBodger" Dixon, I acquired some very nice M.A.P. racing bits including an alloy cylinder big bore kit, full belt drive & clutch package, a pair of MkII carbs, and a bunch of other nice bits. I bought a Suzuki GT550 just to get the front end off it, and sold it with a cheap rusty front end replaced on it, for more than I paid for it; bonus!

Results are not too shabby at all...


Recently, i acquired an alloy gas tank for it, but only have this lousy photo-


Will it do the ton? What do you think...
From a pile of leftover parts and a few rare Dreer Norton VR 880 bits...


...to a very nice BAB Norton VR880 tribute bike (which ended up getting an electric start retrofit kit)...


Doing The Ton is assured.
CrabsAndCylinders said:
You certainly have built some beautiful Nortons, Paul!

Thanx. I was building and restoring mainly Triumphs for many years 'till I opened my shop, then it seems like I got overcome with Norton fever and Norton clients!
Before & After - 1974 John Player Norton 850 Commando factory custom cafe racer restoration from "barn find" original but abused JPN:


I've researched the topic of rare (only 200 built) original John Player Nortons for many years, and this is the most extensively documented restoration ever done (unless someone did one that is not on the internet anywhere). The bike is 99.9% original spec, with only a short list of parts that were not original to it from the factory (bodywork, airbox, black mufflers, rubber parts, pistons & rings, main & rod bearings). All of the non-original parts are either NOS factory replacements, or exact pattern copies (mufflers, bodywork & upholstery). I sold it to a guy in Switzerland.
1972 Norton 750 Combat Commando, original Roman Fireflake Purple paint, too!


If your Commando can't do the ton, it's time to fix it.
How about "Before", "After I", "After II", and "After III"?

1970 Norton started out as a rolling basket case (not pictured), became a "Beach Bum" bobber, then a cafe bobber, then a full-on cafe racer. I was involved with all three stages; overhaul and parts supply on I, rework on II, and total resto/mod on III.

grandpaul said:
No matter how hard I try, I can't figure out the meaning of this sentence...
Sorry Paul, I copied another bike builders build. The builder is Steel Bent Customs, the bike was called "neck tat" https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5ycnw_-FCTg

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I quit drinking in December and this was my first of hopefully many! I'm restoring a 75 cb550f for my girl right now. It has a build thread here. I've learned quite a bit along the way so far and can't wait to learn more about these.

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