** PICS OF MEMBERS RIDES ** - Official Before & After Thread

Restored better than new. My dad's 68' Harley Aermacchi Sprint 250. The before bike is the one in the middle and i use a bolt head engine from a 66' VS. the ash tray head.

dads 68.JPG
This has to be the best custom bike page on the net! Just scrolling though these pages of everyone's projects gives you all the inspiration you ever need! Thanks for sharing :D
Scruffy was a 1976 CB550 that had lain derelict for 20-30 years, i needed a lockdown project !

superficially he looked ok .......


but the carbs, tank, wiring, brakes were all shot




engine was siezed too, but with the help of some diesel it un-seized quite easily and was soon running again

nevertheless i rebuilt the motor with +3mm pistons for 600cc capacity, repainted and reassembled,


and lockdown continues !
Nice thread, heres my bike project I bought like this last Nov 2020, been mostly a winter project the past year. Its getting close because suprisingly an hour here and there really adds up over time! I will be installing the carbs pretty soon and getting it running! I had to apply for a title so I need to turn in my paperwork to the DMV on that. Everything painted with 2 stage auto paint or Powdercoated gloss or satin black, no rattle cans here.


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Hello Fraters :)
My firs post here, sooooo: welcome :D
My ride – yes, another sr250 - first pic of the motorbike I have made:

After dropping some kg, changing exhaust and remodeling the seat:

I will be making thread about the bike so only two pictures.
Thank you for your attention :)
'74 Honda CL125S. Bought a corroded hulk because it was the same model I had in high school. It needed everything. I disliked the weak 6V electrics, so I tore it apart again to convert it to 12 volts and LED lights all around. Once I'd gotten it right and ridden it enough to satisfy my sense of nostalgia, I sold it to clear space in the garage and fund other project bikes. Never did get around to repainting the header.





Geneva was purchased as a "rolling basket case" August 2020. As I had a brand new one back in '76, decided to change the paint to match what I had back then. If it ever dries up around here, hoping to give her a real shake-down run (more than the 8 miles she's done so far).

UPDATE: Did ~50 miles Thursday and she ran great! Plug inspection after she cooled down looked good, too.
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Here's the before ....... and part way through. Hoping to get it finished in the next few years ... or at least before I fall off my perch.


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Before: and after:

When I picked it up, it was a pile of bits in a couple of boxes. The PO had started work but lots of parts needed to be thrown out including wheels, forks and exhausts which were all way past their use by date. That before pic makes it look much nicer than it was, but they all start somewhere.

Fully rebuilt literally from the ground up. new rims, spokes, brake shoes, bearings, cables, pistons, exhausts, LED lights, SparckMoto solid state regulator/rectifier. Everything rebuilt and/or updated. Electronic ignition, new coil, new switches, frame braced and powder coated. Shortened rear fender, preserving stock rolled edges, indicators added. ALL new cables. Custom tank and seat. Exhaust has a nice deep mellow sound but not too loud. New shocks, rebuilt forks.

Even came up with a custom side (kick) stand and custom kickstarter which clears the custom rearsets, but it starts on first push of the button.

Cables are all stock length to work with OEM high bars and could be shortened to fit whicheve bars a buyer decides to fit. I tried clubman's and straights and found this set of superbike bars to be most comfortable for my back.

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kickstands for early Hondas were rare because there's no frame under the motor to attach them. Honda solved that on some bikes by welding the stand pivot to the footpeg bar that mounts across the bottom of the motor. With rearsets, that bar is not there so I fabricated a cross beam that mounts to both sides of the motor to spread the load.

Back in the day someone offered a stand that bolted to the frame where the footpeg plates bolt on but there were pretty flimsy and tended to fail IIRC. Funny that modern bikes all come with side stands but can't fit center stands because of full fairings etc getting in the way.DSCN1607 (Medium).JPGDSCN1618 (Medium).JPG
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