pics of you riding you bike


Been Around the Block
lets see you in action
ill get some pics as soon as my bike is up and running



No pics of me on the kz yet as its not running but I love to smear these pics of me on the sportster! ;D
Shit dude, All i can say is the ladies won't think you look so cool with all your skin missing and a skin graft from your ass to replace the skin on your chest and face. Makes me shudder to look at these. No disrespect but i guess you've never seen the result of a crash whilst wearing a T-shirt only. I have and it was ugly.

One more of the friends with us... My ride along photographer has skills with these moving shots...


She is also pretty good with the video.....

Deals Gap.
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My brother--not me--but we look exactly the same. Sometime my kids struggle to see the difference.


man i dont think i have ANY of me riding
this was us on our way from chicago to FL last year... sittin in traffic for hours so we started to strip down our riding gear
The only ones i have are of when i used to race, Thsi is me at the hairpin Brand hatch 1991. Thin k i might have soem of the sidecar ones , will have to look . ring ding ding
Don't have anything recent, but here is me on my old cb400f on the Mods & Rockers ride '06, still wear the same jacket, boots, helmet, etc.

Don't have any of me on the cafe, but I do have some on the R1 (at least it has old school paint ;) )


Thanks for the concern joksa :p but sometimes I do ride with out my crash jacket. Going with out a t-shirt simply means there will be less shit to pull out of your road rash a cotton shirt does NOTHING! So if your not going to wear the big puffy jacket you might as well ride naked. I've been down twice now with out my jacket and for me its all "chicks dig scars and glory is forever."
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