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Color blind cannot see purple, but the reality is, no one actually sees purple. Purple does not exist in the spectrum. It is a construct of the brain to deal with a combination of red and blue. There is no spectrum analyzer that can identify purple. Red is one enf of the spectrum, blue is the further end. There is no wavelength of purple.


Google it, there are other sources...
There are other sources. But you can look at the spectrum yourself and see that the mixture of blue and red are from colors at the opposite ends of the visible spectrum. There is no purple in a spectrum. Violet ( not purple) is there.

Just because it is on the web doesn't make it false either.

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stroker crazy said:
Purple is a colour; a non-spectral colour, but a colour nonetheless.


There it is. Purple isn't a "pure" color, in that it is a mix of other spectral colors, but it's hardly alone in that.

Somebody make a tool!
But, no one can specify the frequency of purple as there isn't one.
Red is 620- 750 nam, violet is 380 to 450 mm, but purple does not exist on any color frequency chart. Purple is a color our mind constructs when red and blue are present at the same time. But purple is not a specific, measurable color. Green, for instance, is 495-570 mm. No discrete mm for purple.

So while we see purple, it really does not exist as a spectral color with a measurable, specific frequency.

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Not sure whee you're going with this. Purple isn't alone in that it is not a spectral color.
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