PMC billet clutch release kit - anybody have one?


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I bought the PMC kit and while it arrived quick and it looks great, it came with no instructions. I'm at the point, where I can not get the clutch adjusted at all and if I torque down the bolts there is zero movement in the clutch mechanism. Anybody installed one before and have any tips.

I think that I possibly need to shorten the clutch push rod, but don't want to do it unless others think I am correct in my thoughts.

Here is another view in case anybody has any input.

I'm going to try and source a local clutch push rod and try my theory out on the second one.
Do you have any spacers or washers tospace it out slightly?
Better to do that before cutting anything.
I was able to get it sorted out today. I did not need to cut my push rod. All I did was loose. All adjustments, except had the push rod adjuster moved all the way in. Then I removed the mechanism and installed it 180 degrees. This gave me more leverage and allowed all to operate properly. Before it was popping if adjusted to tight. The second picture is how it looks working correctly.


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