...and how the partially decomposed cat skull is nestled in with those house-warming scented candles lol!
SONIC. said:
I bet that gets you all the ladies
My lady loves it when I bring home animal bones. I wish I could find the rest of them, they all seemed to disappear when we moved. I had two partial coyote skeletons that I found in an abandoned ground cellar. Oh well I'm sure I'll find more in the near future, hunters in my area seem to mostly kill for sport and leave a lot of good stuff behind.
SaltCityCafe said:
I regularly drag home dead animal carcasses on my woodland walks. You know the ones I take with Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy!
I hope you don't go to their houses for dinner. If so don't eat the roast.
misfitfiend said:
I hope you don't go to their houses for dinner. If so don't eat the roast.

No you would be good to eat there they weren't cannibals. Now Jeffrey dahlmer or Albert Fish might be a different story
OK... so back on topic of Police...
When the Cops got to Jeffrey Dahlmers house, in the freezer they found his ice cube tray had Testicles in one side but not in the other.
Some times you feel like a nut, some times you dont.
WeberKid said:
worst. moderated. forum. ever.

Which is GREAT.
Fuck any site where you can't go off topic.
Makes for intense boredom.
In a tech thread or a build thread I'll accept some light moderating if it gets too out of control, but in threads like this, hijack away says I.
A Ford.
Even better, Ted Bundy's VW Bug was just up for sale.
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