Post a pic of your latest purchase

No, but I have a 8" Sony Explode Sub/mid sub unused I'll sell you. Might sound decent in the econobox which by the way, looks to be in really good condition.
biker_reject said:
No, but I have a 8" Sony Explode Sub/mid sub unused I'll sell you. Might sound decent in the econobox which by the way, looks to be in really good condition.

Thanx. Guess I'd better find a radio first.
First off you suck! Just kidding. I wanted that cb350 blue and white tank bad and had been watching it all week. When it went from 50.00 to 108.00 in a matter of seconds I thought, hes got more money then me Im out. I really like that tank. I thought about the one with the flames but I already have a cb550F tank that I tried to mount on my 73cl350 but it looks HIDIOUS. way to big!!
AimSmall said:
CB550 tank

CB350 tank

Bought both tanks today, I need to figure out which one I want to use for my 75 CL360. I was really wanting a 73 CB350 tank but this is what I could find in good condition so far. Any thoughts?
ridesolo said:
I picked up a commuter. It's getting expensive to feed my GMC Canyon 4X4 so I found a 30+ MPC beastie to get me to work and back. Ain't real pretty but it ain't rusty and it was cheap. (Anybody got a radio to fit a GEO? :D )


Ridesolo- if you do have to buy a new one, check out While their prices may seem a little bit higher than walmart or something, they include so much stuff for free. What size is the stock unit- Din and a half?
Hey, I recognize that blue and white tank. I don't think that's a Cb350 tank at all, unless it's off a sixties model or something. It is identical to the tank on my first bike, a '69 or '70 CB100, which I crossed genes, wheel rims etc, with a '70 SL100. Bought at a garage sale when I was sixteen back in summer of '90. Wish I had that whole mess of parts right now, let me tell you! But while I figured out a lot of cool build stuff all on my own, there was no interweb for me and nobody else around to help with the build. My sperm donor was a bike nut back in the sixties and on up, but all he sent me was a rock climbing helmet with a styrofoam money sign on top. Thanks a lot, what's your face. Ha ha. But I did trim that helmet down into a cool fallshirmjaeger looking helmet, illegal though it was. The CB project finally went down the tubes when a certain asshole neighbor stole the engine right out of the bike, for his kid's go-kart, while I was in the middle of moving to Calgary. I can't prove it, but he had been nagging me to sell it to him. I think I will track him down and steal one of his engines sometime, as the statute of limitations has run out on having him charged with theft, which is sad because with today's fleabay I could probably show that the engine was worth over a thousand bucks! Ha ha. No really though, if my old neighbor is one day found tortured to death, I am only joking. Joking. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Anyway, take a look at the CB100 tanks. They're pretty bloody small though. I know there are some sixties bikes with the similar paint scheme to this one, but I don't recall a CB350 with that look, though as usual I'm probably wrong.

Just saying. You could find that tank again, probably cheaper. I painted mine teal metalflake. Was planning on purple, but they put the hardener in it and I found a solid purple lump when I got around to opening the can. Ha ha. Live and learn.

If my teenaged bike fettling may all sound like a waste of time, let me just say that some five years later when I bought another messed up small Honda in deplorable condition, I got that bike road-worthy in one weekend's sun-tanning and beer drinking sessions. All together I suppose you could say those first Hondas were an ... educational experience, even if they do one day lead to a lifetime of imprisonment....


Post Script:

Oh, and I heard the expression "Slides on smoother than Redbird's Avatar" somewhere around the site. And now I finally get it. But then again, do you mean the vinyl hot-pants, or what's inside of them? Because even with that whole bottle of what I hope is something less smelly than olive oil and less sticky and for that matter smelly, than astroglide; those vinyl hot-pants could have a rather gnarly interior to them, (Something like one of those old swimming caps the underwater ballet used to wear. I sure wouldn't want one of those up my own crack....) So too, with the other interpretation. You know, with the preponderance of warty cauliflower growths and all that in this day and age. I don't mean to sound like a commercial for Gardasil or whatever it's called. I know I spelled that wrong, but I think I want to wait for several years of long-term side effects study before I talk to my daughter about how to spell it. All I am saying is.... Do you have any way I can find some larger version of that image? Something with more pixels so I can get a better look at the texture of that vinyl. You know, so I can clarify what was meant by "smoother than...." Maybe you've got the name or mailing address of the model in question?

Redbird said:
Shorty levers for the 'busa...

Nice! Are those CRG? I love how there are now import (adjustable) levers from Asia a fraction of the prices CRG is asking. Only wished they were around when I bought my pair of used CRG levers!
Nice gun stuff. Lots of cool toys, I love this thread. Oh but about the "free to a good home" paint job on the Honda four: make sure to change that paint job before you park that bike back out on the street. If you wait until after the rest of the build is done before you get the paint finished it might just disappear on you. On the other hand, when you're riding around on it the "free to a good home" might be interpreted to mean you, yourself. Of course you've got to watch out just who in particular throws you in the back of their pickup truck, but in the right circumstances you just might go places on a bike like that....

biker_reject said:
Nice! Are those CRG?
Nope, they're the "fraction of the price Asian knock-offs" ;)
I had to wait about a month to get them here, but at about $40 (compared to about $180 for my bro's Pazzo's) the wait wasn't that bad :D

Sigh, my wife threatened to put that sign on me when I brought home another non-running, non-registered, un-titled motorcycle :p
So far I have seven bikes in the stable. Only three are registered. And only two are roadworthy ;D
From eBay...

I saw this guy a few months ago, with zero feedback, and said "Nah, gotta be a scam". He still has a reletively small amount of feedback, but it's all very positive. I was still a little wary, but I figured for the price, I'd take a chance.
I'd say it was worth it. The fit and finish is very good, and they bolted right on like they were OEM.
twisted... i have one even bigger then that (and much older!) with a new motor in it that works wonders...

only thing is that i rarely have a use for it, besides when im making guitar parts. heck, even my father, a carpenter, rarely has a need for it.

what i do miss selling though is my bandsaw... then again it would always through the blade, so i need to replace it.
Been sicker than all hell for the last 5 days. Today UPS and Fed Ex dropped off some joy. To bad doc says I can't go out side for another 3 days. :(

Pair of NOS 13" Redwing shocks. They are for a CB350-400, if the springs are too light have a set of progressives I can toss on em.

Stainless spokes with nickle nipples from Buchanan for the GS1000 wheels

Embossed Yoshimura sign

NOS V&H clutch (was not $89), clutch cover gasket, NTN swing arm bearings

New jacket, got it 2 weeks ago actually. Was $100 on sale plus a no tax weekend so double score. Tons of pockets, zip out liner, shoulder sliders, and elbow slidders. The stripe really isn't that white, it is more of a cream color. Funny as I get older I seem to fit less and less into my Dainese set :p

Couple patches I got, just incase I found a jacket.
Wow. Nice scores.

Little heads up: the last Redwings I had were pretty soft. Pretty good chance yours will be the same.
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