Post a pic of your latest purchase

Fancy, I was looking for a drz or xr250/400 not long ago. My problem was everyone wanted 2-3k for a 90s model when newer CRFs and similar were priced lower. I pretty much only do trails so an XR would have been perfect. But due to prices I ended up with a ktm 250sx-f.
Why did I wait so fucken long ?

These things are awesome

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@irk miller scouted out these 96+ dr650 supermoto wheels on Facebook marketplace, and @Mr.E was good enough to go grab them for me and hold them till we next meet up. I looked for a set that I could afford the entire time I owned my dr650, and of course these show a few months after I sell it. Anyways, I have a project in the back of my mind I think I'll use them for. There will be a build thread on here if it happens.

I bought my son his first snowmobile yesterday. Its a 1971 Boaski Mark 0 (also referred to as the "Baby Boa"). It is a 2/3rds scale machine and back in the day it was marketed towards kids and women. This one came with a 246cc Hirth one lunger 2t motor. I was really chuffed that it also came with an original factory cover, which to say is rare is an understatement.. even if it is a bit worse for wear. The sled is in really solid and mostly ORIGINAL condition, which is cool/surprising considering i bought it off of a scrapper. Sure glad I was able to save it.




If it were green, it would look just like the John Deere an uncle of mine used to have. We used to haul ass through the cow pastures on it when I was a kid. I loved it.
If it were green, it would look just like the John Deere an uncle of mine used to have. We used to haul ass through the cow pastures on it when I was a kid. I loved it.
I'm guessing it was probably a 295/S or 340/S. They all had very similar styling in that era. Funny, the early boaski literally pulled a mold from a sno jet hood, changed the headlights, and called it theirs lol

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That brings back memories. My dad had a JD similar to the one above and I put many miles on my brother's Yamaha that looked like this:

Didn't take long to decide it needed to be torn down and deep cleaned. The mice really enjoyed the recoil and fan shroud for some time also.

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Put a deposit on it because I can't go get it until next week. Paying way too much, but damn they are hard to find. Payed almost as much for this basket case as I paid for a brand new one back in '76. If I can get it back to running and semi-stock, it will be repainted in the Geneva green like mine was, and have CB400F handlebars (or similar).

Hope it isn't too much harder than a GL1000!


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Nice! I've been scouting/buying in the Atlanta area for a friend in Arkansas. I managed to get him a RZ with extra body parts before the prices got crazy! A few weeks later I found him another RZ at the Eustis show and swap for a decent price.
Got a new set of custom boots from Bates Leathers (not to be confused with Bates Boots). Made in the USA.


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I bought myself a new jacket to replace the old dri rider one I was using which was too big. This one fits much better.


couple bits to hopefully get the 50cc running better for Magoo. He's apply to a job so will need it reliable and the current hacked on carb is causing issues.
Bought a running titled 1978 xs750 yesterday for $600! Came with a full parts bike with a nice set of black bodywork and stock seat. Right now it is a starship trooper with full Vetter kit and awful/amazing king queen seat on the stock seat pan. Radio even works! I’m almost tempted to leave it as is...






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