Post a pic of your latest purchase

Scored a new compressor and hose reel.
I managed to pull the trigger on a new Harley Pan America special. I traded the 2017 Road Glide Special in on it. Ride home was fantastic despite the 25mph headwind. Weather needs to clear up so I can get my break in miles.

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(The green bike in the background is the one I traded)

Man, those are cool. That engine gets awesome reviews.... Congrats!!
Sure is, lovely environs too
Thanks guys, and yes its a nice spot...however, mowing it for the past 25 years does leave me a bit jaded. haha. Really though, a lot of good memories in that spot. My daughter and I spent a million nights camping there.
My old 70 K10 same spot back in the day.

Nice truck. I actually replaced my f150 with a frontier a couple months ago. I couldn't bring myself to pay $30k+ for a 3 year old truck with 70,000+ miles, and the ford dealers here convinced me to spend money elsewhere.
Nice truck, love the color. My Ram got nearly 35 miles per gal on the interstate. Got 250,000 miles out of it before I sold it. I hope you have great luck with your truck too!
Thanks guys, and yea the prices are crazy. They had a Jeep on the floor w a discounted price of $85k.
I got a new Corbin seat for my Triumph Bonneville Bobber today:




My bike has a Morello Red tank so I chose Corbin's Scout Brown with a Bomber Jacket Red welt and gold stitching. Looks good! Fitting it tomorrow and will send pix of the complete thing.
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