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I bought one of these around 10 years ago. 3XL Men's Power Trip Santa Cruz jacket. I spent nearly $400 bucks on it, and loved that jacket. It even has a lot more character now since it saved my skin from a crash. Had it sewn back up and did some minor re-dying, but it looked even better with the road wear on it. (To me at least).

Then I lost 150 pounds. I had the jacket tailored three times to get it down to around a size Medium, at $75 a pop. And then... well, a bunch of years later, and I'm 45 pounds heavier than I was when the jacket was tailored down to a medium. So it doesn't fit anymore. I'm working on losing weight again, but I don't think I'll ever be 185 again. I'm shooting for 200. (That's 30 pounds from now).

I miss my jacket, and I have been looking for an XL or a L on ebay for a long time now, but I never find one. I have found a couple of ladies' jackets, but never a mens, in brown with the red details.

In fact, there are several jackets I'd like to buy again, in a different size, but it seems that once they're all sold, they disappear forever. There's no used market for motorcycle jackets, which is really ridiculous. Jackets are expensive!! Do they all just get thrown out or sold at garage sales?

Pic of me circa 2009, with all the weight off. With my beloved TW200 (stolen many years ago)



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