Quickie VF400 Street Tracker

Bit more done today. The alloy block temporarily fitted [ has to come off to be shaped ] and the Bates headlamp, rev Counter and Speedo mounted. The Cables are OK for the clutch side - the speedo cable just long enough with 1/2" to spare. The Throttle side looks like it will be OK, just the top brake hose to replace. I'll replace them all with braided anyway. The fuse box will probably mount on the alloy spacer block, then it's just a case of connecting all the wiring and tidying up. I'll take the tank off to do that as I'm hoping I can get 2" - 3" more out of the throttle cables by re-routing.


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Bit of a blitz today. I got the tank off and the air filter etc. to get at the throttle cables. The return cable is about 9" longer than it needs to be - so no problem. The pull cable just needed re-routing round the righthand side of the headstock - jobs a good 'un.

I made a proper bracket up for the Bates headlamp - tucked in nice and tight to the top yoke [ pix to follow ].

While the tank was off I positioned the XR750 seat properly - it will be a piece of cake to mount. However, I got a second OEM seat with all my spares and in a lightbulb moment decided to see if the front ski slope of the seat could be integrated into the XR750 seat at a stroke giving me the OEM front mount and resolving the problem of blending in the tank to the seat. A bit more work is required, but I think then the side panels might also blend in better.
I did a preliminary "whatif" yesterday and cut the front section off the OEM seat base.

Didn't have time to check out the results, but where I've cut it should blend in to the XR70 seat base. I can't check until Monday now .......... fingers crossed.
Yep that works ! XR750 seat base attached to front end of OEM VF seat and incorporating the side panels for an original factory fit - chuffed. I've also made all the mountings to the frame, apart from the thought process it worked out quite straightforward. I have an original foam base for a VF, so I'll use the front section which is formed to the shape of the back of the tank and get my upholstery guy to knit someting up from there.

Decided to bite the bullet and ditch the OEM petrol cap - which no longer fits due to someone being a bit barbaric getting the old locked one off !! Still had a large Monza flip cap from my days of replica Porsche 550's and Speedsters. I also still had a filler neck which I was able to cut down and bond with "Wondermetal" [ ? ] to the original tank opening. Different ?


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What are you using as the basis for comparison? It's quick compared to ......
What are you using as the basis for comparison? It's quick compared to ......
Well, if it gets finished in the foreseeable future, it will have been a quicker build than my 2 FZ600s, my Ironhead Sportster or my SV650 projects. Not to mention the CB350, XL500, Seca550 and the 3rd FZ600 which haven't really started as projects, so they don't really count yet.
Yes, perhaps " quickie " should be defined in my case against other projects ..................... BMW Kay Streeghtfighter - 6 years, KZ750 60's Cafe Racer - 7 years and counting, Boardtracker - 2 years and counting ..............................

However, in my defence I will cite 10 years of battling with an ongoing kidney issue, a major domestic upheaval and more frustrating - having to rely on others [ some ] to undertake the jobs I can't do - welding, machining and living / working on a state pension to name just a few.

Feeling sorry for me yet ???????? Maybe not, but I have a vision to complete these projects in what time I have left ........................... maybe I won't before time runs out [ 78 in March ] - but it won't be for the lack of determination.

The above is by way of explanation to those who are not familiar wih me .................. I realise the above posts are meant as a tongue in cheek " get your finger out" encouragement - and cheerfully accepted as such.

And finally, the "Quickie" tag refers to the fact that this is a "makeover" and not a ground up rebuild [ KZ Cafe Racer ] or indeed a complete scratch build [ Boardtracker ]
The hybrid seat - XR750 blended to VF400 front section - now completed, just needs final filling sanding then it's off to my old upholsterer to see what he makes of it all !

All the mounts are finalised and work fine. Need to source a couple of bar levers - the clutch lever is rough and the brake lever absent. Once I've got those installed I'll try to hook up the electrics and see if it starts. I haven't actually disconnected any of the original wiring, so fingers crossed we'll be GTG.

The PO said it was ridden into storage by his father and hadn't moved for over a decade.
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