R90S tank refresh.


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My buddy picked up a 75 BMW R90S recently but the paint around the “gas hole” was bubbled up and flaking off and was pretty shitty looking. He’s doing a for real resto on it but wants to hold off on a full repaint until next year. So I removed all the flaking paint and did a spot fill and faded i some black with the airbrush to match the Smokey burst on the tank. And gave it a fresh overall clear coat and polish. Turned out great. He might not even need to repaint as his other parts polished up nice too.







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Re: R90S tank refresh.D

Did you wet sand only on the rest of the tank, or clear coat the whole thing? Curious why you left the roundels on. They come off pretty easy with fishing line or small gauge aircraft cable.
I did sand back the entire tank and cleared the whole thing. Honestly it was just easy this way. They don’t actually touch the tank at the rim so there was no build up of clear around the edge.

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