RD 350 LC wheel swap


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Does anyone know what wheels will fit onto an RD 350 LC? I would like to go with a little wider rim and have a rear disc and dual front discs, but am finding it hard to get a suitable swap. I have seen some that have done it but not many.
Any suggestions?

irk miller

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I think YZ wheels (at least the hubs) are an option. One would have to confirm that, but my drunk memory is bringing that up.


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RZ350 has 2.15 front and 2.50 rear. There are probably other Yamaha street bikes with similar or wider wheels.

Irk suggested YZ and that's a great idea if you are going for small hubs and wire spokes. Not sure how much front brake they have though.

If you want to go fatter than that, think about a pair of FZR400/600 wheels and forks to match.
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