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evening everyone. i finally got my shit together and here's my build so far. it's a 1984 XL350R, inspired by the deus mono. this is my first project, and i'm learning as a i go, so if you think i'm doing something stupid speak up.

this is how i bought it. people speak highly of this bike, saying how it's the perfect balance between the under-powered 250 and the bulky 600. they say the twin carb RFVC engine is a real gem. but god damn she's ugly out of the box:

xl350r_ 001.jpg

Here is where i am so far. i've mainly been taking bits off, and thinking about what i need to buy. i think my shopping list is pretty well sorted. i've also got most of the tools sorted:

xl350r_ 015.jpg

the only thing i don't have is a welder, so i'm not altering the frame too much. this is what i'm aiming for:


as i said in my intro thread, i'm a graphic / web designer so drawing that is going to be a lot easier than building it. i have a tonne of retarded questions that i'm hoping someone can help me out with as a i go along.

(melbourne, australia)
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this weekend i got my tank mounted and had a crack at making a fibreglass seat pan.

the tank is off a cb350 i think? the guy i bought it off wasn't sure, but it fitted with minimal modification. a little panel beating to create some clearance, and it's mounted on the original rubber stops. i've got a bolt at the back but i will probably need to make that a bit more solid.

i also made a fibreglass seat pan. i made some cardboard inserts, then laid aluminium tape. i used mold-release wax on the tape then glassed over that. i tried to glass in some mounting plugs to fit into the fittings in the frame. the plugs didn't stay in but a bit of glue and i think it will work really well.

it went pretty well, but i stupidly mixed up 500ml of resin which went off far quicker than i could use it. so i was left a bit short. i kept thinking i would have to remake it, but at the end of the day i might just get away with it. i'll see how adding the foam goes.

next up, getting the front hub laced to a 17" rim and carving the foam for the seat. thanks for watching.





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Lookin Good! I like the stance with the big front wheel though, not sure I'd change it out for a 17... maybe an 18, but no smaller, just my opinion. - Stout
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hi stout. that would certainly work out cheaper for me. once i swap the wheel for a 17 incher, the stance will come out about the same as you see in the photo with me sitting on it, as i've dropped the forks through the clamps a fair bit.
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hmmm, well i thought i had a 17" rim to get laced up to my front hub but after cleaning i found it has corroded in the spoke well. see the picture, i assume this is buggered?


cheers for any input.
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It doesn't look the safest, or at least it looks like it could puncture a tube pretty quickly. - Stout
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julian5000 said:
as i said in my intro thread, i'm a graphic / web designer so drawing that is going to be a lot easier than building it. i have a tonne of retarded questions that i'm hoping someone can help me out with as a i go along.

Hi Mate,

This made me chuckle, I'm a graphic artist and have made some great versions of my bike in photoshop. What happens in the garage however is another matter entirely...

Good luck with the project, looks like a good start so far.
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nice, I like where you are headed with this one. I was thinking of doing something like this for my next project.


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I've been waiting for a good xl tracker project on here. Looking good so far. If you have to replace the rims, typically dirt trackers run 19"s front and back. It would be cool to stick true to the tracker roots! Just a suggestion. Good luck!
XL350R Tracker

Thanks for the input. Yep that rim is out. My choices are to hunt down another 17" rim or pony up a thousand bucks for new 18 or 19" rims and spokes.

With my first kid on the way this was supposed to be a budget project. Except my wife is the one telling me to get the new ones!

And cheers chilli, yep these computer hands are getting tougher. I have a meeting this morning so I had to scrub the grease out from under my nails.
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hi kMoto, thanks for the encouragement. i'm still working out the look i'm after, and i've called this a tracker but i'm thinking more like this than a proper dirt tracker:


i'd love to build a more genuine tracker, something like this:


but i'd like to have it two-up and i'm keeping it manageable. who knows, i might do more next time ;D . however i would really like to go for 18 or 19 inch wheels, but $1000 is a lot. i can get rims cheaper, like these ones:

But the wheel builder said they probably won't lace up to my hubs as the hole angles will be wrong. does that sound right?

cheers everyone.
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looks brilliant mate,

from melbourne also, would be great to catch up when our bikes are complete and on the road.

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hey jaderd. thanks mate, i'm pretty happy with progress so far. i think i've been lucky with a few things though. like the tank, it fit on there without much tweaking.

checked out your project, man i love those old kawasakis. i reckon kawasaki made the best looking bikes. nice work on the polishing too.
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Cheers mate, just got a quote and am dropping 26 items off incl frame, swingarm etc to get powder coated at Mansutti Brothers, orig powder coaters of melbourne.

Mate has had a lot of stuff done there and loves there work.....when i tossed up time and effort rubbing all items back and then atleast $100 on painting supplies / prep supplies the cost of PC seemed ok, plus i know the results will be alot better than my rattle can efforts.
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im in doreen, about 8-10kms towards whittlesea from Greensborough,

what about yourself ?
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yes a large distance :), i work in hawthorn east, so a little closer to you...
XL350R Tracker

Hi all. I got a bit done this weekend. I bought some foam and started shaping my seat. I think I will take a little bit more out of the front, but nearly ready for upholstery I think.

I also bought an exhaust and got that on. And I've ordered a headlight, indicators, ignition and switch gear. Progress!



Sorry about the phone pics!
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Looks nice! I like how the seat and pipe follow the same line. Just curious, what did you use for foam? -Stout
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