Rear sets for 79 Kz400


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Hello all. If this is covered in another post i apologize. Im new to the forum and to the cafe world as a whole. I have a 79 kz400 and am looking for rearsets. Ive been told the passenger peg position are the best mounting points. Should I look into a universal set or would I be able to go grab a pair off of a GSXR in the scrap yard? Is there a site I can find that sells the correct linkage as well? Cheers.

If you get universal ones, these are real trick, and indexable so its easier to line up your linkages.

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Thanks for your reply famer! I ordered the universal 2.0s and they are even going to send me rods and linkage once I send them measurements.
pensburgh, when you get those, I'd love to see how they work. I'd like to get something for my KZ440.

I also assume you're in the 'Burgh by the name. :) Which part of town?

Shoot me a message when you get the measurements for your linkage.
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