Rear Shock Dimensions Database! Over 1900 records!


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Hi All,

Throughout many projects I often find myself trawling through suspension catalogues to identify potential upgrades for my bikes from other bikes. As many of you will know it's often a painstaking exercise and one many of us wish was easier.

Well now it is.

Last night I spent a couple of hours converting the YSS catalogue into an Excel spreadsheet, in which you can filter by shock length, bike engine capacity, twin shock/mono shock, top and bottom connection dimensions, classic/road/off road etc! There's also a handy "Compare" column, that can be used as a "Save for Later".

It covers just about everything other than Spring Diameter, Shock Stroke and Spring rate. Use it to narrow your search then find this info elsewhere online.

Have fun!

OneDrive link:!Arz4h9IiJ-BKgcI3XtqidhzuP2IAKw?e=NSzprp (this will open read-only, you'll need to save a copy to edit it).
Would you mind if I downloaded and saved it to the DTT servers?
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