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I took all the wires off to put new bars on and now I an stuck reconnecting them all back. I have a wire diagram but it looks so confusing to me. I was going to label them as i took them off but I didnt. so I guess I get the dumb ass award.. Any suggestions or help would be nice.

If you're using a stock wiring harness, it should be all colour coded. Just match up the wire colour and stripe colour from the handlebar wires to the corresponding wire colours on the main harness and you should be fine. If you're not using stock wiring, you're going to have to use a circuit tester to figure out which wire leads to which button/switch on the handlebars, then do the same on the main harness and label everything as you go. Tedious, but not impossible.
Wiring on a bike is the 2nd most intimate thing you can do to learn about how she/he/it runs. Rebuilding the engine is first.

Think of it as getting to 1st base with your bike.. You have some form of a clue of what to do but completly lost in general.
What do you mean by "took them off?" Did you unplug connectors? Unplug a block connector? Cut stuff?

Got pictures? Do the new bars demand longer/shorter wires?

Bike model/year?

Not much to go on here to help ya so far.
Perhaps searching for a COLOR wiring diagram would help? If we new what bike it would help, go to your profile and put it in your signature. I probably would have even searched it out for you if had known.
I appreciate everyone has to start somewhere, and your username says you are a Noob... But I am going to flame you a minute here. If you took something like that apart, and seriously can't figure out how to put it back together, maybe working on something that can cause you dismemberment or death isn't the best for you. ???
Honestly though, there are not too many connections for the right and left controls inside the headlamp bucket to make this a bad task. Green is usually ground (earth). Older bikes have male and female bullet connectors, just match the wire color. About '80 and newer bikes have molded plastic ones that are literally "Plug and Play".

I do like Alphas answer but if you get some more info on you specific bike up here, take a pic of the inside of the headlamp bucket and post it up. We can sort this out. ;D
hello and thanks for some of the replys.

Its a 72 CB350 and I just unconnected the wires.I didnt cut any thing. I am using the stock controls for now I might change them at a later time.

So the wires from each side of the bars are all disconnected and the wires from the main harness are loose. the coil is still connected and all wires for the battery and rec are on.

thanks for the replyes

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