Replacing mirrors with rear camera


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As the headline states, I want to clean up the frontend and I'm looking for a rear view camera/monitor that is 1080p and sleek in design. The only one that peaked my interest was the sykik x21f. Any reviews from current or previous owners or any recommendations on better equipment
In regards to your question, what size screen are you willing to put up with and their placement? Are you thinking two screens, one for right/left, etc? The model you mentioned is interesting but it looks like it's designed for front/rear instead and you get to look at one image at a time. Not sure about that though.

I know you aren't the first to ask this but I don't remember where else I saw thread on it.
Ichiban Moto said:
just put a button camera on the back of your helmet with a video feed to your heads up display
I smell a new video
clem said:
Is that even legal per DOT?

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Pretty sure it isn't legal anywhere yet (but maybe in a few years?)
Could stick to the letter of the law and have smallest 'legal mirrors mounted toofar in to centerline then use monitor and rear view camera's. Main problem I found when I tried it was it only visible after dark, monitor couldn't be angled properly to see anything meaningful due to reflections from sun or bright sky. I thhink it would be possible to locate monitor inside a tube but then it would need to be fixed way ahead of headlight relatively high up probably way uglier than fitting decent mirrors. I gave up on idea as it was taking too long to get results. Still have couple of camera's plus 5" & 7" monitors. (not selling anything, will either use in truck or return to idea sometime, had a few 'new' idea's since I first tried 3~4 yrs ago)
Connected to a HUD would be neat but I don't know enough about them except good ones were real expensive last time I looked? (military only :eek: )
I ran around Toronto for many years with no mirrors (also no signals, chainguard, front fender...) and never got hassled for it.

That being said I like my mirrors and have since sold the race-bike I happened to have a plate on :)

Neat idea for a single rear view camera and display, but having to look down at the gauge cluster to see what is behind you is counter-productive. You might as well skip the camera altogether and run without mirrors.
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