reusing stock cl360 hoop?


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Greetings and salutations. New(ish) to this forum, so please pardon any stupid.

I picked up a "complete" 75 cl360 a few weeks ago; the intervening weeks have been spent cataloging just how much stuff is missing from this "complete" bike. Build thread to come when I get up more steam.

In the interim, a question about welding a replacement hoop to my frame. PO ground off pretty much everything, including the tail. I have an extra stock hoop (on the CL360's they were removable, I believe). The tubing is a smaller OD than the rear frame tubing, 0.75" vs 1.00". Is it feasible to use this hoop to frame up the seat pan? Or is that a lot of stupid?

I'm planning to get help from a welder friend with any frame work, but he's not a moto guy. Is there some kind of reducer/coupler I could include? Or should we just fab a new hoop out of 1.00" tubing?

Thanks for any advice.
The CL tail loop used to slide in then bolt onto the stock tail piece. I don't think that a loop is structurally necessary but more of an aesthetic thing so welding it back on wouldn't be a big deal. You'll have that ago due to the differences in diameter but you can figure that part out with the welder.

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You should be fine using it if you're okay with the drop from 1" to .75.
Just slide it in and weld it up.

If you need a 1" hoop....I know a guy that can hook you up.
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