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A bunch of us CT rockers are heading out to Breakfast at the Vanilla bean on Sunday morning in Pomfret CT... then its off to Providence RI for some riding and a pint or two at the Avery... anyone...(Rhode Island guys - Trevor, Eric Et Al) Let me know if you wanna meet up and ride around with us.... Look forward to it..


yeah thats right.. Rhode Island is all dirt roads..LOLOL

Ha that was a fun day.. good to see everyone including some RI guys.... Heres a funny thing that happened on the way home...


Can anyone say.. Smashed police car on 95 South.. Ha so funny. Well for those who do not know we were pulled over coming back from providence on 95 South right after New London traveling 90 in a 50..LOL but he only said we were going 80.. wink wink.. So we pull over and the cop get outta his car and proceeds to tell us why he pulled us over....at this moment his car starts rolling/driving out into 95 traffic... HE LEFT IT IN DRIVE... in his enthusiasm to get us... After standing on the side of the highway for about 20 mins and a backup 4 wheel drive vehicle and mark getting a talking to for not starting his bike and getting away.... all we got was a warning....

Funny part is this.. whilst his car started rolling my first thought was ohh my god I need to alert traffic to this mishap.... Russ's thought was.. get on the bikes and run...LOLOLOLOL

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