Riddler CB360 Finished Glamour Shots


Detroit Hustles Harder

See the build here: http://www.dotheton.com/forum/index.php?topic=28020.0




The body work looks great. I think the small bump seat looks best with the 350/360 tanks. I like that you used the stock paint scheme too.

Edit: you know, this is a bike that, after a while of looking at it I started to notice how great the styling is and how all the details compliment each other. (also took a peek at your build thread) This is one of my new favorite builds here on DTT. Well Done Sir. ;)
Thanks guys. I appreciate the good words. Criticisms (easy now) are welcomed as well since I plan to keep building them. Working on a CL100 now as well as a '48 Harley Hummer. Build threads to come.
Very clean man. You did a great job. Love the green. Is it the stock color?

Looking forward to checking out the '48.
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