Riding Into History - St. Augustine, FL May 17th


Been Around the Block

Should be a lot of fun. Fairly cheap too! I know there are not a whole lot of us down south but I know I'm going to try and make it down there (since its only a half hour from Jacksonville). Just thought I would spread the word!
ya a lot of historic bikes... doesn't look like (atleast from the photos) to many of them are "cafe'" style. but still classics bikes all in all. a local jacksonville bike shop is putting on a ride saturday morning... $15 dollars to ride with them / entry / and even putting your bike in the show if youd like... not a bad deal at all.
just a reminder to anyone in the are (few i know), "Riding Into History" is this weekend! ill try to bum a camera off of someone, mine is whack!
if my cafe was ready I'd make the ride north for sure! Have fun and definitely snap lots of pix!
The show was awesome... some many rare and amazing bikes. Problem... my roomate forgot his camera... Solution... I used my camera phone... Problem... my bluetooth on my computer isn't working, so I will have to borrow a friends to get the pictures off my phone. I prob took 30+ pictures... keep looking
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