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Ok, so question for those of you more knowledgeable than me. I’m riding my bike at a cruising speed of Lee’s than 50 mph and no problem when turning but when I’m going over say 40-50, anything above 50 and turning to the right on a bend I get wobble when it’s in the right direction and I’m counter steering to the left, what causes that and how can I fix it? I’ve adjusted the fork hight and made sure they were equal at the top triple clamp, can it get out of whack so to speak and need readjustment? Awaiting wiser minds than minethanks

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check air pressure front and back. front and back alignment. Check fork tube seals separately. Wheel balance.
Do you have a fender or fork brace? If not get one, that can be a reason for all kinds of issues while cornering.
I had a similar issue on my 360 due to a dented rim, it would be very noticeable at certain speeds (25-30) and completely fine at other speeds above or below that range.
Thanks guys, I’ll check the pressures and alignments, I do have a fender which I think is the brace also, it’s the stock one just cut down a bit, rims seem ok and haven’t hit anything that I can remember that would damage it?? Just keep checking thanks again

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Well it turns out the tires were woefully under pressured, thanks all for your suggestions

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