RIM 1.5x18" 40-spoke Akront- looks good for lightweight KZ400 KZ305 fr DRUM imho


Been Around the Block

Akront 40-spoke 1.5x18" is SLIGHTLY less wide than the 1.60x18" 36-spoke stuff from the front end of CB350F & CB400F, or the 40-spoke from KZ400's - SEEMS like it should lace up good to a KZ400S front drum or perhaps some other 40-spoke front drum like Harley 8" or CB450K0 front drum in 200mm was also a 40-spoke.

Truth be told, if you've got the CB450K0 type 200mm front drum in 40-spoke then you might as well go with a 2.15x18" rear rim from CB750 etc, but we're talking here about a LIGHTWEIGHT bike, use for this particular rim. I'm thinking the 180mm (or was it 160mm???) from the front end of KZ400S would lace up to this thing no problem.

Also interesting to note that the old Yamha TD1 TR1 etc 260mm drum hubs were laced up to rims this narrow, albeit in 36-spoke. And that there aren't a lot of 40-spoke drums out there for front wheels, not unless you count the really heavy British 8" 2LS stuff of which the full-width types had a lot more cast-Iron on 'em than you really need - but there IS the Fontana 250mm ha-ha. As if you'd want to throw a really big expensive drum into a bargain rim!

My point though, is that these narrow rims used to be run on the track with the old skinny bias-ply tires, as a weight saver. And also that you'd wanna squeeze as big of a drum in there as you can get a hold of even if it IS a skinny rim for a lightweight bike. IMHO anything that I'D run the thing on, CB450K0 40-spoke would probably be considered over-kill back in the day but wtf if you can do it then put as big of a drum up there as you can and shave some weight off the thing in as many ways as you can think of. Meanwhile the KZ400S 40-spoke 2LS front would be a period-correct "adequate" - For whatever the heck I'd wanna run this thing on. Maybe a wire-spoke conversion of a GPZ305, track-bike version of KZ305CSR, or thereabouts.

Maybe ya'll have a more active imagination that I've got ha-ha. Kinda rooted in the 4-stroke universe here!

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