Rim 1.85x18" 36-spoke ( big drum) Takasago Alloy (auction sez 19 pics show 18)


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An alloy rim, 36-spoke drum-drilled, WM2 1.85"x18" Takasago, (auction listing says 19" but pics don't lie)

Seems like a VERY choice rim for a rear wheel of a KZ400 or CB350F/CB400F etc - Though I'd really rather see it on a FRONT drum, like a T500 Titan 200mm 2LS or the CB72/CB77 36-spoke version of the 40-spoke off the CB450K0 200mm.....

Doesn't really matter what the BIKE is, 'cause if you're lacing up a custom wheel you're chosing components based on whether they're appropriate not whether or not they came with the donor bike.

The rim-size is wider than the 1.60" WM1 used on CB350F/CB400F, KZ400's etc - It's the same width and an inch down from a CB750K/CB750F wheel but we're talking about a DRUM here - Either way, the same width tires in 18" don't have the same load-bearing capacity as the 19" versions. So let's say IF you were gonna use it in that capacity, you'd need to shoe-horn a wider tire onto a skinny rim. And besides it's a drum-drilled rim for full-width and looks suitable for a 180mm-ish rear or 180mm/200mm-ish front drum which isn't great for anything much bigger than a 500cc twin IMHO.

As such, I'd rather think of it as some type of weight-shaving too-skinny rim on a REAR wheel of a larger model, for a land-speed-record or light-weight single-seat TRACK-BIKE application - OR even better still, a too-WIDE front rim for straighter side-walls and straighter tracking tires thereby, slightly heavier than the 1.60x18" equivalent but still an awesome front rim on a smaller bike with a 2LS front drum - Or maybe a dinky lil' 4LS like the Suzuki 200mm -

I've long wondered whether I should whip up an alternate set of rims in 18" for the "KZ440LOL" (rather than it's 3.00x16" Borrani rims & maxi-scooter low-profile 110/70-16 & 140/70-16 radial tires etc) a more "conventional" style to be used in emergency cases wherein some track-club sets certain limitations. In which case, a rim just like this one would be PERFECT for the spare Suzuki 4LS drum I've got on hand.

The fact that it's a little bit "beat up" doesn't bother me at all. Talking about FUNCTION here. IF it bothers you, feel free to stick with your chromed-steel OEM rims!

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