River City Kickstart - Show & Raffle - June 2nd Jacksonville, FL


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~ River City Kickstart ~

Kicking off summer the right way. Tune your carbs and grease your chains. Wednesday, June 2nd we are having the motorcycle event of the summer here in Jacksonville, FL. Bring out your garage built hardtails, bobbers, rats and customs. Show Jacksonville what riding on two wheels is all about. Contest entry is only $3 with a lot of prizes. And don't be fooled, this isn't your typical bike show. We want rust, tarnish and grease! This is for all the garage built motobikes out there. Keep your $80,000 bike parked and covered for this one. Biltwell Inc. is sponsoring the event, as well as many local companies including, Strata, Wolfgang, Crown Skateboards, Burro Bags and Dos Gatos. Come out and buy some raffle tickets, the giveaways are endless. Grab a beer, enjoy the music and have a good time. The show is during Art Walk (5pm-9pm) and will be held in the parking lot next to the new Burro Bag's location (228 E. Forsyth St.) For any further questions, details about the event or entering the show please contact Brent at 904iron@gmail.com

Current Sponsors:

Wolfgang Clothing -
Burro Bags - www.burrobags.com
Crown Skateboards - www.crownsk8.com
Strata Clothing -
Dos Gatos - www.dosgatosjax.com
Biltwell Inc. - www.biltwellinc.com
Grizzly Beer -

Austin Ellis will be keeping the music in check.

Local art displayed and for sale by Liz Grabiel and Myra Oh.

After party at Dos Gatos AND Red Bull will also be making an appearence!

We are also looking for a few classic cars to park out on the road, so if you have one and are interested in showing it off shoot me an email 904iron@gmail.com

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