Rockers Reunion September 6th Cafe show


Coast to Coast
this is a cafe show put on by CT rockers
10am start to the show

J.B. Williams Park in Glastonbury CT

when I have more info I will post it up

Cheers Mortikan


There ya go Kyle... More Info.. am i gonna see you on Sunday?


SETH - Rockers CT
I hope to see the RI, Mass, VT, NH, ME, NY, NJ, and farther Rockers at this event.. I havent seen some of you for a good while.. I look forward to seeing you all.. You know who you are....

SETH - Rockers CT
I just wanted to send out some thanks for a great event. Ive seen nothing but praise and great comments about it. I want to thank everyone who helped out. I want to thank RoKap Inc and Sign Stop for sponsoring the event. The Connecticut Roller Girls for hanging out and donating there time and efforts all day long. I want to thank Four Barrel Billy, Soul Reapin 3 and The Memphis Morticians. You all kicked ass. I want to send a huge thanks out to all the Rockers that helped out. Russ, Roz, Lilly, Mark, Russ, Steve, Mark, (marks son), Jill, Jim, Joe, Walt, Denise,(walts friend cant remember your name mate), Orion, Dave, Heather, John, Jane, Jeff, Julia and anyone I did not mention. Thank you to Rock a billy Rita and Machine art by Jim for being there. Thanks to Murder cycles and British Iron CT and Mass for showing up. Thanks to Hartford Vespa/Scooter Centrale and Mass Confusion for coming to add some Mod to our Rocker... and a Huge thanks to all those who rode in, Watched the band and helped make this event amazing....Im already dreamin about next year..

SETH - Rockers CT :D
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