Rockers vs Mods Dallas #7


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Coming up April 5 - 7, 2013 in Dallas, TX!
Benefiting Hunger Busters


Free to spectators! Bring a bike or a scoot and $35 gets you a cool t-shirt, rally patch, bands, Northern Soul, bike show, raffle and some good riding with great people.


Registration & Raffle Tix:

Register before February 15 and one ticket to win the raffle bike will be included with your registration fee!


"These long-haired, mentally unstable, petty little hoodlums, these sawdust Caesars who can only find courage like rats hunting in packs, came to Margate with the avowed intent on interfering with the life and properties of its inhabitants."

-- Dr George Simpson, chairman of Margate magistrates[/size]​
I know this thread is long dead, but is there any build log for the raffle bike? My neighbor now owns it and I'm curious about what was done. It sounds cool but the head is blowing a lot of compression out by the gasket ;D


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