Roll Call?

First post! I've browsed here and Facebook for a while. Started on an 80 kz750, since sold. Just got an 80 xs850 special on the road. I'm in Raleigh by ncsu centennial campus.

Dragging this one out from the bottom of the closet. Anyone around Rocky Mount? Anything going on? About to finish up the mechanicals on my first build.

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Welcome! Wow, that was some dredgery! Don't know of anyone around Rocky Mount. There are a few in the Greeneville area.

A lot of folks have begun conversing over on FB in a forum of the same name We are meeting in Durham this Thursday for the Hitting the Apex movie (sold out!), and preparing for our 7th Eurobike event in April.

The FYBO Rally is in Durham come Jan the 16th!

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