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Anybody know of anybody in Salt Lake City? I would like to get more involved locally and would like to learn about what Salt Lake City guys are doing for builds


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There have been been a bunch of guys joining from Utah lately. Moto Mondays takes place the first Monday of every month at este pizza downtown. Great place to meet some local guys with modified bikes. I live in Murray, if you need any help, specialized tools, just hit me up! I do just about everything.

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Dumb kids
Thanks again haha, I really appreciate the help man. I will for sure let you know if I could use some help


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I have watched your cb200 build and it is looking pretty good. I live in Taylorsville and work at PlazaCycle, there are a few riding groups that get together out here on Meetups.


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I haven't been to any events at all yet but my bike isn't finished and well its winter...I look forward to hitting up a few in the spring though.

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