Santa Rosa / Bay Area - Looking For Bikes To Photograph - MotionPhotos


Coast to Coast
I haven't been on in a while and had to sell all my bikes before moving from Memphis to Santa Rosa.

Since I'm still fairly new in the bay area I don't know any bike owners or have any leads but have owned many 70's Hondas from 125's up through to 750's.

I have new photo gear and I'm looking for bikes to photograph, here's some of my stuff from Barber a couple years ago:;u=2419;area=showposts;start=45

Your bike does not need to be perfect condition or even clean. If it's running/driving then I'm down for it.

I get to Sacramento and Eureka/Arcata area every few months and San Francisco more often. So even if you're not near Santa Rosa give me a shout and I'll keep you in mind when I get to other aress.

I've taken pics of Willow, Gretta, and more... send me a note and lets shoot your bike in a cool location!

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